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Hey Big boy..  (at Big Ben, House Of Parliament, London Eye & London Bridge)

Hey Big boy.. (at Big Ben, House Of Parliament, London Eye & London Bridge)

Thank you Shiva for sending me your son,  Ganesha toda for a little help #kidsyogaclass #ganeshaclearsobstacles

Thank you Shiva for sending me your son, Ganesha toda for a little help #kidsyogaclass #ganeshaclearsobstacles

… and breathe!

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Very accoustic for Naomi !! strange but pleasurable!!

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Love a bit of Dionne in the afternoon..

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I thought It was Orbital!!! The movie is fantastic too!!

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Sit up straight! #posture #fitness #yoga #yogacam  (Taken with Instagram)


Sit up straight! #posture #fitness #yoga #yogacam (Taken with Instagram)

I always forget that David Sylvian is part of ”Japan” … it is ageless!!

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Antoni talking as a humanist!

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Dirty, smelly feet and Yoga.. A big No No !!!.. Love your feet!!

Until yesterday, I haven’t paid much attention to my students’ feet but during last night class, I didn’t really had a choice… I encountered the worse case of smelly and dirty feet!

I didn’t want to upset the student and face her with her problem although I was quite surprised she didn’t notice it herself… so I carried on the class like nothing was happening ..! Mistake!!

The challenged arrived when we started our Pranayama exercises (breathing exercises)… full inhalations were a nightmare and I had to breathe through the mouth which is totally against the rules of Pranayama.. it was that or dying of asphyxiation!

When I was practicing in the Bikram studios, I always was fascinated by the posters on the wall of the changing rooms, graphically explaining the different cases of cheesy, smelly, cracked or black feet. I must admit in their busy, packed classes, I often find myself staring a pair of damaged heels or fungus attacked toe nails, doing my backbends postures, delightful..!

As Yogi, most the time we walk bare feet, It is great for your posture, it is fantastic to strengthen your toes, your arches. It helps you to ground with the earth and work on your balance etc…

However, they get dirtier and damaged faster so for the sake and for respect to your fellow yogi behind you or next to you.. or for the teacher in my case, look after your feet…

Soap, scrub, moisturise your feet… once a month, give them to a pedicure, treat them like your face and the rest of your body…


Smile !!! ( by Conquer clothing)

Smile !!! ( by Conquer clothing)

Every Saturday morning at 9 am , I walk along the river Severn and Pitchcroft racing course in Worcester, Worcestershire. I am on my way to teach a Hatha Yoga class at the Riverside. I meet early morning dog walkers, runners, cyclists and see groups of rowers on the river. The light is gentle and the air is crisp. My mind pushes away the sleepy night. People smile and bid me a good morning.. There are a lot of playful dogs! It is the start of the weekend and everyone is happy and joyful! As I go I am shaping in my mind the coming Yoga session and I am looking forward to teaching a great group of Yogis and Yoginis.. I love my Saturday walks along the river Severn..

Yoga city Break in Marrakech 18th-23rd October 2012.. Yoga classes mornings and evenings, berber food, Hammam, souks and shopping, trip to the Atlas..